"I can honestly say without regret, that doing the Lifeline courses changed the direction of my life. 

I had been struggling to find myself especially after suffering with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for many years but at last also having the energy to leave home it was suggested I give the classes a go. 

Well needless to say I am now a Lifeline counsellor and facilitator and it all started with Personal Growth. Without giving anything away, PG is a course that truly can turn your life on its head, in a good way, even if you decide not to do Counselling skills. You will find courage, humour, camaraderie and hope whilst looking deep into the intricate workings of your life in a nurturing and safe environment.

And if this inspires you and you feel you could do counselling skills, don’t hesitate to climb aboard. The journey is just as inspiring. 

And that’s exactly why I love every moment at LL. I enjoy being a facilitator and watching newbies discover the magic. And I love Counselling and having a purpose that matters. And I have also been fortunate enough to meet incredible friends here too. 

What’s not to love?"

Amber Druian,


Cape Town