Corporate Training

LifeLine Corporate Training division specialises in creating tailor made courses and workshops to meet the needs of the client.  We do not believe in the one-size-fits-all concept and each course is specifically designed in consultation with the client.

Among the courses we create for businesses are, Team Building, Communication Skills, Mediation and Conflict Resolution, Trauma Counselling,  Management Skills, Managing and Developing Teams, Overcoming Structural Hurdles.

  • Team Building 
  • Communication & Counselling Skills 
  • Mediation and Conflict Resolution
  • Trauma Counselling
  • Management Skills
  • Managing and Developing Team 
  • Overcoming Structural Hurdle
  • Assertiveness Training
  • Change & Diversity 
  • Conflict Resolution 
  • Discrimination & Prejudice
  • Facilitation Skills
  • Mediation & Negotiation
  • Stress Management 
  • Scenario & Strategic Planning 
  • HIV/AIDS Information & Awareness
  • Personal Development 

For decades LifeLine Western Cape has been active in the corporate field, providing training to a variety of companies.  This training has been instrumental in enabling working environments that promote the well being of staff, resulting in increased productivity and harmony in the workplace…

From call centres, to banking and insurance companies, from engineering and service organisations, managements that recognise the importance and value of the so-called ‘soft-skills’ have testified to the difference LifeLine has made to their ethos and organisational culture.  Government departments, at national, local and municipal level have been among our clients, and we have provided training to police structures, teachers, nurses, doctors and labourers.

It is clear that the services offered by LifeLine are equally effective when applied to companies as they are to individuals.  Our in-house courses, Personal Growth and Communication and Counselling Skills lend themselves to adaptation for corporate use but generally all courses offered in the business sector are tailor-made to fit the specific needs of the client.

LifeLine specialises in any training that involves human interaction and the improvement of relationships and understanding in the workplace.

Become a corporate sponsor

We rely on the generosity of corporate sponsors to help us throw more lifelines to those in need in our community every day. We are grateful for each prospective sponsor’s passion for our mission and desire to support LifeLine Western Cape.